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Fast and tasy Tiramisu! (with mixer)

TIRAMISU: 25 minutes|

1) prepare a coffe with moka coffe machine (please buy in Italy the moka)

2) split yellow and red of a freezed 3 eggs eggs

3) put the yellow part of the eggs in the freezer

4) beat the red part with + 100gr of sugar

5) beat the yellow part with a pick of salt

6) mix the two parts slowly (from the bottom to the top)

7) for the portions you can use: aluminum trays, made of glass or other boxes

8) dip the cookies you choose in the coffe and than put a first layer of cookies (lady fingers, amaretti)

9) put a layer of cream

10) put a layer of cookies once again

11) put the portions in the fridge for 2 hours

12) before to serve, put cacao on the top

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