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Napolitan Pizza at Home is it a Miracle?

Sometimes... someone... discover something VERY intresting!!

This guy find the way to make a good napolitan pizza home made (without the wood oven!!) This kind of Pizza require minimum 350° Celsius (700° Farenight)... So... He find the "Culumbus Egg" :)

1) Make the Dough (1Kg of "00 or = flawer - 33g of salt - 2g of bearYeast - 0,650Lt of Water)

2) Make sure you have a "crepes" Pan like this

3) Put the pan on the fire for 10 minutes and waith that it reach 350°C

4) Spread the Dogh amd put on the hot pan, than put the topping

5) 1 minute to be sure that the back is cooked welll

6) in The meantime the oven grill mus be ON at the TOP (10 minutes be4 to use it) with oven door open (to dont reach the temperature and have the red light always ON

7) put the pizza with the pan on a very close grid to the glill

8) cook for a couple of minutes... et Voilà!!!


Wach the video Here!!

#pastamaking #pizzarecipe #pizzadogh #napolitanpizzadogh

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