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Tiziana Cooking Show!!

€. 80

per person

min 2 

1 - Aperitivo time!

We will start off this Rome food tour with the Italian art of dinner overture, the "aperitivo". This involves some local Italian snack foods, accompanied by a glass of prosecco or Italian wine.

2 - baccalà tradition

The sign at the door of this restaurant says: "God, if I'm born again, let me be born in Rome!". Here we will introduce you to a favorite Roman street food, the baccalà!

3 - Ancient Pizza in Rome

The Roman Guy loves eating pizza and sharing his enthusiasm for this Italian food with his friends! You'll taste the best pizza in Rome, made in an oven burning since the age of Napoleon II!

4 - Trastevere district

You'll have a nice stroll through Trastevere, a local district of Rome known for it's beautiful pastel houses.

5 - Locally source food

In the heart of Trastevere, we'll visit a small shop selling only fresh, locally-sourced Roman produce and delicious Italian specialities will be made right in front of our eyes!

6 - Santa Maria in Trastevere

Considered to be the heart and the most popular piazza in Trastevere!

7 - Pasta dinner Time!

You can't be full just yet! Time to relax with a glass of Italian wine and enjoy the finest hand made pasta by Chef Giuseppe in a ancient building of 1400 with Donna Paola!

7bis - In Vino Veritas

Enjoy a super italian DOC wine glass with your Pasta dish!

8 - Get the Gelato

After the dinner our evening Rome Food Tour let's grab at the best artisanal Gelateria in Rome. The sweetest way to end your Italian food experience.

9 - Espresso or Cappuccino?

let's close the deal with with Espresso or Cappuccino in a bar for locals.

C O M I N G 

at least

8 tastings

Local Food


at least

2 wine glasses


Your Roman experience is not complete without authentic Roman food tour.  Tonight we'll choose the restaurant and even what you eat!  All you have to do is follow our local foodie guide from place to place while he/she entertains you with anecdotes about local Roman food.  Like any Roman meal, libations are included!

Rome's Foodie Neighborhoods
The Trastevere "Locals" Food Tour in Rome is an excellent way to see Rome's foodie neighborhoods where many of the most authentic & historic restaurants in the center of Rome are located. We start in the area around the famous Campo de' Fiori where you'll be shown some of the best places to eat in Rome. Your Roman food tour begins with a glass of Italian Prosecco or wine, after which you'll learn the true meaning of “Aperitivo”.

Roman Restaurants
The Italian culinary exploration will continue across the Ponte Sisto bridge into Trastevere, a popular Roman neighborhood. This foodie neighborhood is home to hundreds of outstanding Roman restaurants, where you will eat your way through a myriad of meats & cheeses, pizza and local Roman pasta dishes.

A Foodie Experience
This particular Italian food tour focuses on the enjoyment of a typical Italian, or Roman, dinner. Hearing about Italian art and history all day definitely works up an appetite, so this tour is well deserved after a day of walking around the Eternal City. Light walks between each popular Roman food stop will definitely keep that metabolism going as you fill up on exceptional traditional Italian food & drink!

This food tour in Rome takes you through the courses and finishes with an exceptional dessert. You have been warned, come only with an empty stomach!

There is plenty of food to fill up even the above average eater on this tour.  If you have food alergies or dietary restrictions we will do out best to accommodate.  Please email us after you book and we will make notes so your guide knows.  If you'd like to be certain before booking, email us at

*Please contact us if you have any specific requests or a possible intolerance.
**If your child is under 6 and will not be consuming then you do not need to pay for them. If they will be eating please pay.
***Stops on this tour are subject to change due to seasonal/holiday venue closures.

C O M I N G 

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